8 laatste 100 crypts level oplossingen

  • Oplossing level 47

    1. Complete the picture. The trick to doing these puzzles is to start in the far corner from where the empty piece is and work your way across each row then down to the...

  • Oplossing level 46

    1. Put the colors in order of the rainbow from top to bottom: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue,...

  • Oplossing level 45

    1. Make all 3 spheres land in the middle at the same time. Shaking your phone/device makes the bottom sphere move and pressing the left sphere makes that one move. For the timing, when the diagonal sphere is heading to the bottom right torch and crosses the doorline (halfway between middle and torch), shake your phone/device...

  • Oplossing level 44

    1. Pressing the wheel will move it 2 spots, and shaking your phone/device will move it 3 spots. Make it land on the 5 symbols at the bottom in order from left to right and press them when the arrow at the top of the wheel lands on it. First get the wheel on the first symbol....

100 crypts tips

Een aantal handige tips om het spelen van 100 crypts wat eenvoudiger te maken.

  • Slide (Schuiven met de vinger)
  • Shake (Schudden met de smartphone)
  • Tab (Tikken met de vinger)
  • Balanceren (Houd de smartphone recht)
  • Oplossing level 36

    1. Keep pressing the button on the right really fast until the orange bar is full.

  • Oplossing level 35

    1. Press the following letters quickly so they are all spinning at the same time: O, D, E, K, R, S